A Favourable loyalty program

Madklubben's loyalty program gives companies a selection of options for collecting benefits when visiting our restaurants with company events, team dinners and everything in between. 

It is free to become a part of the loyalty program. There are no binding measures or cost attached. Only benefits for you and your company.

The concept is simple. You get benefits from them the moment you sign up. Every time your company visits one of Madklubben's restaurants you earn a kickback.

The loyalty program is for companies that often have meetings, dine out in groups of +15p, and have summer and Christmas parties. 

It is easy to get started. Once your company's credit assessment has been approved, contract signed and company contact persons listed, you can start collecting benefits and earning kick back. Benefits are valid from day one and kickback will be paid out per year. 



If you spend more than 250.000 at our restaurants a year you gain 5% kickback. After 400.000 you gain 10% kickback.


Earn up to 10% kickback by visiting our restaurant

Startup bonus

A 300 DKK gift card to everyone in charge of the loyalty program

Direct Contact

Direct contact to our loyalty team.


It will be send directly to your bookkeeping with 14 days credit


Always free bubbles when you are min. 15 per. visiting a restaurant.

Always free water

When visiting the restaurant with more than 15 per.


Special benefits, events and news sent to you every month.

In front of the line

You will always get new offers before everyone else. 


My name is Anders Aagaard and I am the founder and owner of Madklubben. In 2007 I had a dream about creating a restaurant where we made great food at reasonable prices served by nice people in beautiful surroundings. A food club. Whether you were a CEO or had just started studying, Madklubben was going to be the place you went to if you wanted a great restaurant experience without any risk of panic when the waiter came with the bill. 

I wanted to create a culture that made people go out to eat in Denmark. Also on a regular boring Tuesday where restaurants normally were completely empty in 2007. 

Today my dream has come true. Even more than that. One restaurant has become more  than 35 restaurants around the entire country. Restaurants that in their own way have something special. Whether you are 2 or 200 people, we have a solution which makes sense for you. 

At the same time we have 3 company lunch caterings which like the restaurants also offer different things. For Madklubben it’s not just about food - but also people. None of the things we do makes sense without people.

Therefore, we have built a loyalty program to you and your company which will ensure even more good moments together.