Room for any arrangement

We are super flexible and would love to help you with your next event.

groups at mamma's

Un grande gruppo? Perfetto! With space for more than 200 people, you can host any kind of event at Mamma's.

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, confirmation or just an evening out with friends, Mamma's got your back. It feels like a real italian court yard - in the middle of Copenhagen.


Mamma's is spread across two floors with a cozy vibe. Light bulbs in the ceiling, lit candles and lots of plants. When you visit Mamma's as a group, we'll make sure that you get a joint place in the restaurant.

If you are a group of more than 10 people give us a call on tel: 38 41 41 49 or send an email to to book your table.

The lower floor

At Mamma's we have a large downstairs area with room for up to 120 guests. This atmospheric oasis is ideal for special events and large groups. You can also book the entire lower floor and have your own private function room that way.

The restaurant

For large events you can book the entire restaurant with a capacity of up to 165 people. Una grande festa!

Packages for groups
Special considerations?We take allergies and special diets into account.
Packages for groups
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un'oasi italiana

There is no cuisine like the Italian one. Here traditions weigh heavily.
Dishes made from few, simple and fresh ingredients set the framework for the menu that aims to bring Italy to Regnbuepladsen in Copenhagen.
It sounds simple but trust us - it's pure science, amico.

Light bulbs in the ceiling, lit candles and lemon trees create the vibe of sitting in an Italian garden. 

Ci vediamo!  

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