Since 2007 Madklubben has grown and can today offer you more than 40 restaurants. 

Anders Aagaard is the founder and owner of Madklubben. In 2007 he had a dream. A dream to create a restaurant where the food was great to a reasonable price and served in a beautiful location with nice smiling staff. A food club (madklub) - as we say.

Whether you are a CEO or a student, Madklubben is the place where you can have a great restaurant experience without any risk of panic when the waiter comes with the bill. 

I wanted to create a food club. Create a culture for going out to eat - also on a rainy Tuesday in October.

Anders Aagaard

Anders' motivation was to create a culture for eating out in Denmark. A culture where you also go out to eat on a regular Tuesday evening in October. A day where the restaurants normally would be empty. 

Today the dream has come true. And even more than that. One restaurant has become more than 40 across the country. Restaurants which all has something special. 

Anders aagaard

An entrepreneur mindset anchored in a restaurant concept. 

It might not be very South Jutlandic like to have ambitions as grand as if you where born and bread with The American Dream. No matter what you start. But it is probably quite fitting when you think of how unorthodox it also is that a person from Southern Jutland grows up dreaming about making it to Broadway. 

Non the less - that is exactly how Anders Aagaard the founder and owner of Madklubben grew up at home in Southern Jutland. It was always in the cards that the loud young kid from Southern Jutland wanted something more. Much more in reality. 

It is about the will to experience something. The search on becoming more wise on the world and the people you surround yourself with. Not just in Sønderborg. But in the whole world. 

Madklubben became a reality on the foundation of a combination of all the things above. Ambition, adventurous spirit and the curiosity for people.