Madklubben's lunch schemes in Copenhagen

Are you looking for a lunch scheme for your company in Copenhagen?

Madklubben Catering offers three different lunch plans for your company, so there always is a lunch that fits your and your colleagues' desires.

Madklubben Catering offers a complete lunch solution, where you as a lunch customer, easily can switch and rotate between our three high-quality lunch plans, so you can taste the widely different kitchens in your company.

We deliver your company lunch directly to you in most of Zealand.

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Here you can find Madklubben Catering's three lunch plans in Copenhagen.

The restaurant experience. Directly at your workplace.

Prices from 60 DKK

The green lunch where plants play the central role, and breaks down the barriers between meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans.

Prices from 65 DKK

The classic company lunch with flavours from the whole world.

Prices from 59 DKK

Madklubben's Lunch

With a company lunch from Madklubben's lunch, you get all the best that you know from the restaurants. In other words, the closest you get to a restaurant experience for lunch. You will experience all corners of the world – from Asian street food from Hanzō's colourful universe and Italian classics from Mamma's to tacos from our Latin American darling, Roberta.

Prices from 60 DKK

.506's Lunch

.506 creates a company lunch that takes the climate into consideration because our shared eating habits have an impact on our planet's future. This is why .506 is on a mission to create new sustainable food habits. They do this by serving a lunch buffet and lunch bowls that create conversations about the world we live in and inspire you and your colleagues to change.

Prices from 65 DKK

Shark house's Lunch

Join us when we visit Thailand, France, the Caribbean, California, the southern United States, and the rest of the world every day! The company lunch from Shark House is designed to awaken travel memories or create the desire to go to yet unvisited destinations. Every day you will experience a solid and classic lunch where the season's best ingredients, great taste, and the smell from all sorts of wonderful kitchens fill the office.

Prices from 59 DKK

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