When you order catering from Food Club it is prepared directly at the restaurant, and can be picked up when it fits you.

Food Club Catering

When you are looking for food for your event in Copenhagen Food Club's catering is perfect. If you want a wide selection of vegan, vegetarian and meat options - we got you covered. 

The menu is build on the same values as the restaurants which the founder of Madklubben Anders Aagaard came up with from the very beginning. It's about tasts, quality, availability and having time for the people in your life. Therefore, the menu is created on these primises. You are assured a menu created by great ingredients which is seasoned by talented chefs. 

Your catering menu will be prepared directly on our restaurant which i located right by The Lakes in Noerrebro Copenhagen. It is also here that you can pick up your order.

You can choose between a small or big buffet You can put together a complete menu, from 255 DKK per person. The buffets are varied and made with seasonal ingredients. 

Our catering solution from Food Club in Copenhagen is based on creating a food experience that ensure something for everyone.

Anders Aagaard


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