Madklubben's Company Lunch

A restaurant experience. Directly at your workplace.

With a lunch scheme from Madklubben you will get all the best you know from the restaurants. In other words – the closest you'll get to a restaurant experience for lunch.

You'll tour every corner of the world from Asian street food from Hanzō's colourful universe, Italian classics from Mamma's to tacos from our Latin American darling Roberta.

You will always be satisfied by our main course, which always includes sourdough bread and a spread that suits the menu of the day. You can choose from a package of two or three servings.

Moreover, you can look forward to a particular drink one day a week. It can be a virgin cocktail on a Friday, fresh ginger shot on Monday, or a mango lassi on the day there is Indian food on the menu. And last but not least, every Friday is Danish open sandwiches day.

We deliver on the majority of Zealand.

Menu example
3 servings – prices fromMain course + two servings
70 ,-
2 servings – prices fromMain course + one serving
60 ,-
3 servings
2 servings
3 servings for lunch

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3 servings

2 servings

Can a company lunch be tax-deductible?

Food safety

Seasonal ingredients

At Madklubben we celebrate the four seasons and use the best ingredients for your lunch

As summer draws to a close and autumn sets in, we can look forward to colder and shorter days. Fortunately, we can also finally look forward to new fantastic and colorful ingredients such as the first root vegetables, the crispiest apples, fresh green beans, and brightly colored pumpkins.

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