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Do you miss a classic work lunch that caters to everyone? Get this with Madklubben's lunch, where you can combine the lunch buffet with well-known hot dishes, full-bodied salads that follow the season's distinctive features, and classic, Danish cold cuts and cold cuts salads, for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

Madklubben's lunch offers a lunch service where well-executed and authentic dishes from Madklubben's many restaurants take you and your colleagues on a culinary journey around the world during your workday. Based on Madklubben's well-known restaurant universe, you can look forward to Middle Eastern vibes with grilled beef kebabs from Bazaar, French bistro classics like coq au vin from Bistro Royal, and pure Danish nostalgia with meatballs in curry sauce from Madklubben Amager – along with many other classics inspired by Madklubben's signature dishes from our 40+ restaurants throughout Denmark.

The familiar and warm Madklubben dishes are complemented by hearty salads, classic cold cuts, and homemade bread.

You can also look forward to starting your week with a refreshing, organic, and cold-pressed energy shot from Frankly Juice, the Madklubben chili of the week, an exquisite cheese platter with Danish and international cheeses, and last but not least, a classic cake.

We deliver on the majority of Zealand.

Read more about our global and green lunch, Madklubbens lunch International

At Madklubben, we know that every company is unique. Therefore, we also offer that you can choose our other lunch kitchen: Madklubbens lunch International, where we focus on a greener global lunch with a starter, main course, and vegetarian spread as well as a smaller selection of cold cuts.

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Madklubben's Lunch

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