Shark House company lunch

One of Denmark's oldest company lunches will get a whole new life, when we relaunch Sharkhouse on 15, May.

The taste of Copenhagen

Are you craving a meal that both means something and tastes of something? Look no further than Sharkhouse. Founded by Jesper Dillon when he returned home to Blågårdsgade at Nørrebro in 1999 after a Caribbean adventure, Sharkhouse has been perfecting its diverse menu for over 20 years.

At Shark House, we believe in creating a meal experience that everyone can enjoy. Whether you're a meat lover or a vegetarian, we've got you covered. Our menu features old classics like Danish tartlets and butter chicken and the signature burger from Sharkhouse, as well as modern dishes inspired by Copenhagen's food culture, such as Persian ghormeh sabzi, Venetian pollo in saor and Creole gumbo.

We deliver on the majority of Zealand.

From 59 kr. per cover.

Soul food

At Sharkhouse, we believe that real people make the best food. It’s food with lots of taste and power, bringing everyone together at the lunch table without scaring anyone away – that’s soul food. Our new passionate head chef, Daniel Duffau, works with the team each week to develop a menu that's meaningful, tells a story, and reflects our curiosity and ambition. Daniel has trained at Le Sommelier, worked as a chef at Italo Disco and the prominent d'Angleterre, and most recently, as a product developer for Aarstiderne. His personal touch is reflected in every dish we serve at Sharkhouse.

Our menu captures what's most important about a lunch meal: simplicity, tastiness, and suitable spiciness. We believe food matters – not only for us but also for you. That's why we put our heart and soul into every meal we make.

Experience soul food at Sharkhouse and taste the difference real people can make. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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Buffet from Sharkhouse – prices fromCoherent hot dish with garnish and salad, cold cuts, and dessert every Thursday
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Buffet – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

The new lunch from Sharkhouse

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